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  • Power Nagra CLASSIC AMP
  • Power Nagra CLASSIC AMP
  • Power Nagra CLASSIC AMP
  • Power Nagra CLASSIC AMP


Nagra Classic AMP được thiết kế để dành cho các phối ghép yêu cầu một chiếc amplifier có chất lượng cực kỳ cao. Sản phẩm này sử dụng mạch class A thuần túy cung cấp một công suất rất lớn tuy nhiên vẫn duy trì được các đặc tính âm học hoàn hảo của Nagra. Mỗi ngõ output đều dựa trên các bóng bán dẫn MOSFET song song với các đặc tính đặc biệt.

347.300.000 vnđ

đăng ký nghe thử

NAGRA CLASSIC AMP High power solid-state stereo amplifier

The Nagra CLASSIC AMP was designed for extremely high quality installations, which require high power while maintaining a perfect musical delivery of the Watts.

The unit operates in pure class A over a very large power band and beyond in class AB. Each of the output stages is based on tandem MOSFET transistors of exceptional characteristics.

Generally, assembly of an equivalent output stage requires several pairs of transistors, which is difficult to achieve precisely. The simplicity of the CLASSIC AMP’s design is the key to its musicality.

The input and driver stages also contribute equally to the overall performance and precision.

The Nagra CLASSIC AMP is characterised by its stability, irrespective of the loads placed upon it.

The power circuits drew particular care in the design stage.

They are based upon an innovative concept: An overdimensioned transformer and a diode bridge are placed upstream of the PFC decoupling stage, used to actively correct the power factor.

The filtering is achieved with a bank of capacitors, totalling 300 000 μF.

This supply concept, which ensures efficient energy transfer, allows immediate reaction on even the most abrupt transients.

The Nagra CLASSIC AMP is fitted with a traditional Nagra Modulometer on the front panel, showing the power of each output channel.

An LED is also fitted to indicate saturations, excessive temperature.

The amplifier is equipped with balanced and unbalanced inputs and in IN/OUT trigger function. It can be used in a bridged configuration, giving 1x 200 W into

8 Ω, and can also be used in a bi-amplification configuration if desired.

thông số


Power   100 W RMS per channel into 8 Ω
Sensitivity   1 V or 2 V RMS
Bandwidth   10 Hz to 80 KHz, +0/-3 dB
Crosstalk   >70 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio   Typically 110 dB
    ASA “A” weighted
THD+N   < 0.05%
Input impedance   >100 KΩ
Automatic start   For input level >10 mV
Protection,   Overheating > +60° C (140° F)
deactivates the amplifier   DC speaker protection above ± 2.5 VDC



Consumption   400 W max
    less than 1 W in standby and Auto mode
Weight   18 Kg (39 lb 10 oz)
Size   277 x 395 x 174 mm (11 x 15½ x 7″)
Operating range   90 – 110 V or 110 -132 V or 180 – 264 V a.c.
    50 – 60 Hz