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Kệ Ansuz Titanium

Sản phẩm kệ Ansuz Titanium được Công Audio nhập khẩu và phân phối tại Việt Nam. Với chất lượng sản phẩm đạt chuẩn thương hiệu luôn được Audiophile chào đón trong những năm gần đây.

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The highly acclaimed line of Darkz products set the stage for the evolution of the new Ansuz Rack. Both the Resonance Controlling and Mechanical Grounding techniques of the Darkz have been integrated into the sophisticated design of the Ansuz Rack.

Kệ Ansuz Titanium

Ansuz Rack modules are available

in three different heights:

  • Low: 120 mm
  • Medium: 265 mm
  • High: 382 mm

Kệ Ansuz Titanium chính hangx

All these modules can be combined in a multitude of arrangements or used individually as amp-stands.

Each Rack module is available in four quality levels determined by the Darkz supporting the shelves:





Michael Børresen’s creative ingenuity and years of professional experience have turned the new Ansuz Rack into an outstanding high-end component reflecting the Ansuz grounding technology.

Titanium uprights

The columns have been machined out of Titanium – an intricate, time consuming and costly process.

Kệ Ansuz Titanium

Height adjustments

Each module is fitted with height adjustable feet with locking mechanisms for level adjustment.

Structural design

The x-section consists of four identical solid aluminium parts held firmly together by a uniquely designed locking mechanism. This design concept extremely minimizes the resonances in the structure and brings them down to an unprecedentedly low level.

Composite shelf

The shelf consists of different layers of wood based composite materials with a black ash finish.

Integrated Darkz

Kệ Ansuz Titanium giá tốt

What makes the Ansuz Rack so unique is the integration of Ansuz Darkz into the overall rack design. The ensuing mechanical grounding effect elevates the quality of this new Ansuz Rack into a new dimension.


Ansuz remains loyal to its concept of providing optional upgrades for the new Ansuz Rack. The standard brass pins connecting the modules can be removed and replaced either with Ceramic Balls or alternatively with Ansuz Darkz plus two sets of Ceramic Balls.

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